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When the Upanishads changed the idea from ritual sacrifice and turned Easy yoga poses weight loss it to self sacrifice, or sacrificing something like the ego, it was done through first Easy yoga poses weight loss getting to know the self, then action which was karma yoga, and finally, wisdom which was jnana yoga. Yoga, like many things, has become a board term that many people don’t realize has so many different facets to its history and practices. The next period, Classical Yoga, becomes a more focused period for this developing belief system In Pre-Classical Yoga there was a large variety of information presented with many various beliefs, techniques and ideas on the subject with many conflicting and contradicting one another.

In this period, a step-by-step presentation of yoga was developed by Patanjali, presented in his Yoga-Sutras. His text was believed to be written during the second century, and explains the path of Classical Yoga, sometimes obscurely known as Raja Yoga. Patanjali organized yoga in a path with 8 different limbs, sometimes depicted in statues in India. This system contained everything you would need to obtain enlightenment, which is also referred to as Samadhi. Many see Patanjali as the forefather of yoga and his system still strongly influences many styles seen in modern yoga.

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