Effective Way To Boost Strength And Endurance With Yoga


This move sounds like fun, but it’s an effective way to boost strength and endurance

1. Engage your abs

Engage your core to reap the full benefit of this move and to avoid sloppy technique.

2. Keep hips down

Don’t raise your hips, and keep your spine extended to increase the effectiveness of the move. Don’t slouch or arch your back.

3. Move slowly

Even though the bear crawl is relatively simple, it isn’t effective without coordination and technique. Move slowly so you can control each movement.


The bear crawl is a full-body move that helps you build endurance and burn calories. Your body’s natural leverage will engage your upper-body muscles, primarily your shoulders, chest and triceps. If you’re looking for an exercisethat uses simple movements to achieve powerful results, thebear crawl will be a great addition to your fitness arsenal.

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Start on your hands and knees, with your hands below your shoulders and your knees at 90° angles.

Lift your knees off the floor and create momentum by placing one hand and the opposite foot forward.

Without letting your knees touch the ground, use your opposite hand and foot to take another step. Continue moving forward in the same manner.

Personal trainer Jean-Claude Vacassin owns W10 Performance gyms in London. He advises athletes, sports brands and film companies, as well as working in nutrition, functional medicine and rehabilitation. Visitw10performancegym.com.


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