Elephant Pose Yoga

Elephant Pose Yoga

A Person with Stomach & Spleen In Balance

– Has good healthy digestion

– Good digestive fire (easy to digest foods)

– Feels energized after eating

– Eats without distractions (no phones, computers, TV or newspapers). Chews slowly and with awareness. Often offering a prayer of gratitude before and after meals

– Eats at the same time every day (great way to restore balance)

– Has good muscle tone and strong limbs

– Can think clearly, has the ability to stay focused for long periods

– Ability to feel sympathy and empathy towards others without giving out and losing energy

– Feels centered, grounded, confident, strong and able

– Has trust in the universe (does not worry about future)

– Feels supported and nourished by Mother Earth (bountiful)

– Enjoys community, connections and is generous

– Has a strong sense of identity yet understands that one is included in a greater picture therefore doesn’t exhibit self-centeredness, selfishness or self-absorption

– Enjoys moving and exercising the body because it increases their capacity to feel stable, strong, focused and centered

– Wakes up early, takes time to ground and integrate, getting ready for the day

– Peaks workflow at 9-11am

– Able to relax and sleep well at night Stomach and Spleen Out Of Balance

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