Exercises Pregnant Women Can Do

Exercises Pregnant Women Can Do


In Shamballa we have the Registrants of the Purpose and the Custodians of the Will. The first group is focused on receiving the energy of Purpose into the Council Chamber and the second group on its distribution into the lower planes.

Between Shamballa and Hierarchy we have a similar process. The Nirmanakayas stay in deep meditation on the atmic plane and could be said to be the ‘Registrants of the Plan’ while the Masters of the Wisdom are the ‘Custodians of the Plan’. The Nirmanakayas infuse the Plan with Purpose. The Masters work this Purpose into the substance of the Plan on the atmic plane and infuse the ashrams on the buddhic plane.

Between Hierarchy and Humanity the New Group of World Servers hold a similar function. There are those whose work it is to receive the Plan infused with Purpose upon the higher levels of the mental plane. These are the Third Degree initiates who receive the vision on the mountain top of the three worlds and this is why I have called them the ‘Registrants of the Vision’. This vision, which is really energy from the higher planes via the antahkarana composed of many lives, is then formulated in mental matter by humanity in terms of outer time and space objectives in the three worlds. Those who thus ‘formulate’ the energy of vision into ‘a vision’ in mental matter could be said to be the ‘Custodians of the Vision’. The former deal in the essence of ideas, the latter in ideas themselves.

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