Exercising After Pregnancy

Exercising After Pregnancy

As monads we freely chose to serve his purpose and the purpose of the Solar Logos. This free choice, this commitment, lies at the core of our nature whether we are conscious of it or not. Because of this then, the same principle of free will has been passed through to the soul and the personality as limited expressions of the monadic life. The lesser levels of being having free will of their own bestowed by the monad, can choose to limit the alignment in consciousness with the monadic purpose; they can even choose to actively work against that purpose. However from the perspective of the monad any misalignment is an illusion perpetrated in the relative time/space reality that each lesser entity works within. However the soul and personality choose to exercise their free will, it does not change the fact that they are operating WITHIN the sphere of monadic will and that their very capacity to choose DERIVES from the monad itself.

The reality is that there can be no ultimate separation between the will of the personal self and the will of the monadic self. There can be separation in consciousness and activity, but no separation in the essential Life aspect.

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From the dual perspective of Spirit/Matter then, the personality is composed of all those elements most resistant to the will of the monad. It is the work of the soul to act as the middle principle, gradually conditioning the consciousness of the personality so that it is able to respond firstly to the will of the soul and eventually to the will of the monad. As part of this process the soul gives to the personality the ahamkara principle of self consciousness, a selfhood derived from the monad itself. The personality can now say ‘I am’ and therefore have choice. In exercising that choice it can refuse to cooperate with the higher Will and rebel instead. We are told that Earth is a planet of rebellion and that it is this deliberate setting of the lower will against the higher Will that causes ‘pain’. The ‘pain’ is a result of the deeper truth that there is no separation of wills and therefore an illusion has been created and must be sustained.

There is a deeper purpose underlying the process of rebellion that can be glimpsed as follows: If there is no real separation between the higher and lower will, then any rebellion by the lower will is merely illusory from the higher perspective. It must in fact be serving the purpose of the higher Will while appearing to be going against it from the lower perspective. The illusory separation must therefore serve to strengthen the sense of identity and self-will in the lower worlds so that when the higher and lower wills are consciously reunited in their essential unity, the capacity for the higher Will to act within the lower spheres is increased. What is being developed in the lower spheres is Will itself.

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