Exercising During First Trimester Of Pregnancy

Exercising During First Trimester Of Pregnancy

Groupings of Five Ray 3 (green circles)

The lower five planes refer to the five planes of human and superhuman evolution.

All soul-infused personalities are creating the human antahkarana which will unite, in an indissoluble unity, the three aspects or energies of the Spiritual Triad and the three aspects of the soul-infused personality in the three worlds.

In time to come, the phrase “life in the three worlds” will be discontinued; men will talk in terms of “life in the five worlds of the manifested Kingdom of God.”46

The higher five planes concern the manifestation of a Heavenly Man; and the central five concern man, the perfected manasaputra once the physical body is discarded.

This should be enough to get the basic idea. The understanding of the way the rays and planes interact is a key to unlocking many of the passages in A Treatise on Cosmic Fire that refer to the operation of the Hierarchies upon the various planes.

Let us return for a moment to the three primary divisions of three generated from the Fifth Ray. Figure 12 is a reproduction of Figure 1 which we looked at in the Meditation section. The large red circle represents the consciousness of the whole seven planes, and I have coloured the smaller circles red, blue and green to illustrate the three Aspects as they express in these particular entities.

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