Exercising Post Pregnancy

Exercising Post Pregnancy

Even when commeasurement is active there remains a large gap between what a soul has taken responsibility for and what it is currently capable of. The tension which this gap creates is the field for evocation and invocation. Consider the Christ who took responsibility for the salvation of humanity a soul like you and I yet more advanced and with greater commeasured capacity in time and space. He did not take that responsibility in the way that one applies for a job, negotiating the terms and conditions. He took responsibility in the silence of his own soul as a result of inner alignment not knowing fully what it would require of him or how long it would take or whether he truly was capable of it. He took responsibility nevertheless, and that one great act of spiritual courage has become the entry point into humanity for the Life aspect. The source of that Life is the Father, Sanat Kumara, who took responsibility at a higher level for the freedom of all monads in the same way that the Christ took responsibility for the salvation of all souls.

The Life aspect is able to reach through the Christ to the extent that the Christ holds true to his responsibility at his point of tension.

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Each of us is a Christ, responsible for the salvation of the consciousness that makes up those lives in our three vehicles and responsible also for the implementation of that piece of Purpose which we are able to fulfil. Thus the soul holds the doorway open between the personality and the monad, allowing the Life to flow through. Similarly in the ashram the Master holds the door open for the Will to be stepped down through Love along ray lines.

Different ray souls hold points of tension differently and thus attract to them what they need in terms of education as well as resources. For example let’s take a First Ray soul working with the energy of power. Perhaps they sense a destiny within the political field and consciously take responsibility in deep contemplative communion for the wellbeing of the national life in which they find themselves by birth or inclination. The result of this act of ‘willing’ definition will be an increased sensitivity to energetic impacts from the national soul and personality. These are the testing fires of the burning ground and in them the disciple learns what he is capable of.

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