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Branding – as in the rest of the business world – gives rise to patent rights, infringements and court cases. The poor judge now needs to consider if one can patent a given asana combination or who has the right in a sectarian split to carry on the name of the style. There are already several such reported cases. For instance Iyengar and Bikram – following the logic of branding – have set up strict rules of corporate identity for their yoga brand. Only certified teachers can run their strictly defined programmes. Wherever in the world you enter such a class you are guaranteed a certain product – McYoga! Any teacher’s breach leads to expulsion (loss of franchise) or court cases.

On reflection we can see that the yoga market behaves like any other market -competition, product diversification, product refinements, and branding. Further like any market the yoga market is constantly awash with new trends and fashions. New fashions create new products to sell, all eagerly reported in all the media – especially women’s magazines and yoga magazines (looking just like women’s magazines but slightly more specialised). They clearly see great interest among their female audience in reporting what’s up and new.

Stay in the position for five to fifteen minutes. Enjoy Extended Side Angle Pose Yoga the support of the props and the heaviness of your body. When you are ready to Extended Side Angle Pose Yoga get up, roll to the side and slowly sit up. Restorative poses like this give the contours of the body full support and allow you to stay in the position longer, relaxing all joints and muscles deeply.

Note: Poses are graded for the intensity with which they engage the effects listed at the top of the columns: 1 = moderate degree; 2 = substantial degree; 3 = near maximal. The Knees The knees are the largest joints in the body. This fact in itself prompts some to rank them among the most vulnerable to injury. They also bear a great deal of weight, loading and unloading with every step, every time one gets up, and on every stair.

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