Extended Triangle Pose Yoga

Further, unlike the hips they move only in a single Extended Triangle Pose Yoga plane, without very much adaptability to linear or rotating pressures from the side. We can Extended Triangle Pose Yoga protect the hips when we fall by bending our knees. But what do we have to cushion the knees? Only the ankles and feet, with their much more limited size, strength, and ranges of motion.

Unlike most joints, there are three bones participating in the knee joint see Figure 1 on 25. The kneecap or patella is a sesamoid bone, a bone enclosed in a tendon. This gives additional leverage to the quadriceps in extending the knees, very much like putting a block beneath a hammer’s head when pulling out a nail.

But the patella is also exposed to the trauma that comes naturally to all bipeds. If you could examine the underside of the patella closely, you would find a wonderfully precise structure, like a well-cut, many-faceted jewel.

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