Feathered Peacock Yoga Pose

Feathered Peacock Yoga Pose

• People rarely have to stop training for Raynaud’s, but some need to switch to an indoor area with a treadmill or track if the symptoms are strong.

• Common sense rules apply since the only real risk is progressively deeper damage and also decreased sensation over time.

Front of Foot Base of Toes, Occasionally Top of Foot NEUROMA

1. Usually in the front of the foot including the weight bearing surface at the base of the toes and possibly radiating into the toes, usually the 4th, 3rd, or 2nd.

2. Sometimes there will be pain on the top of the foot, in the same area. In most cases, however this is felt deep-inside or on the bottom.

3. In many cases only one of the toes will hurt in shoes, but doesn’t hurt when squeezed.

4. The pain is usually worse when wearing shoes and relieved by removing the shoe and massaging the foot.

5. More advanced cases hurt while yoga/walking and when wearing everyday shoes.

6. If the pain is on top of the foot around an inch behind the toe joint and on the bone, it could be a stress fracture or other bone injury. See a doctor.

7. If the pain is at the base of the second toe, even if the toe itself is sore, it is probably not a neuroma.

8. If the pain is diffuse across the ball of the foot and decreases gradually over hours to days, hurts in other shoes and especially barefoot on hard surfaces, it is probably metatarsalgia and not a neuroma.

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