Fire Breath Yoga

Sounding in the resonance space of the nose:

Do the same exercise in conjunction with the n-n-n-n-n sound, whereby you allow the resonance spaces of the nose to fully resonate. Relax and continue to breath quietly.

Feeling the nose and paranasal sinuses: Become familiar with your nasal sinuses and the paranasal sinuses, that means the maxillary sinus, the ethmoid cells, the frontal sinus and the mouth and throat cavities. Try to perceive the airiness and permeability of these cavities of your head and their interconnections whilst you are breathing in and out through the nose.

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Feeling the respiratory flow:

Breath in softly through the nose and feel the respiratory flow that flows into the lungs through the nose via the throat cavity, windpipe and bronchi. Observe how the lungs seem to fill and empty by themselves during breathing.

Fingertip massage of the nose:

Massage your nose with the fingertips of the middle and the index fingers in small circular movements upwards and displace the skin whilst doing so: First the side of the nostrils and then the root of the nose.

Making the nostrils wide and then narrow:

Now try to open the nostrils wide and then to make them narrow again. Whilst doing this you can lightly place the thumb and index finger of one hand on the nostril to feel this movement from the outside. This will not always succeed readily. Often the nostrils are still too rigid. Massage your nostrils again with the middle or index finger so that they become sensitive once more and soft like wax. And now repeat this exercise.

Regulating the nasal openings:

Perceive the difference between wide and narrow nostrils whilst inhaling by first inhaling with wide nostrils, and then once more with narrow nostrils, if necessary with the help of thumb and index finger.

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