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Although, growing up Catholic, and therefore Christian, I have naturally considered Jesus Christ as my guide.Fire Log Pose Yoga Each time that I write my name, I am reminded of His significance in the world and in my life. I guess I could consider Him my first guru. Traditionally, the role of the guru is held by men, and is passed down through one kind of lineage or another.

Fire Log Pose Yoga It is widely believed that their knowledge can also be bestowed or transferred onto another being when one leaves his physical body or dies, as in the Siddha Yoga lineage where Gurumayi is the figurehead of their ashrams around the world.

In India, it is the guru’s function to preside over an ashram and share his knowledge on the various teachings with his devotees. Devotees are the disciples or students, and also sometimes the caretakers of the guru and the ashram. Devotees often serve their gurus as though they were a deity, as they are believed to be closer to God than most because of their heightened awareness.

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