First Trimester Pregnancy Exercises

First Trimester Pregnancy Exercises

Demon est Deus inversus, being a very old adage. Indeed, evil is but an antagonizing blind force in nature; it is reaction, opposition, and contrast, evil for some, good for others. There is no malum in se: only the shadow of light, without which light could have no existence, even in our perceptions. If evil disappeared, good would disappear along with it from Earth.47

The reflection of the ‘essential self’, the monad, into the astral plane is one of the reasons that the pull of emotions is so strong and why many are so reluctant to leave them, as if they were abandoning their ‘true’ self. The unconscious seeking of spiritual identity in addiction also has its roots here. In the search for our ‘daimon’ (Plato’s expression for that which holds the soul’s purpose), we can end up dancing with our ‘demon’. The crucial importance of the soul is highlighted here. It is the linking mechanism that can relate the personality to the monad in a conscious manner.

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We are told that in order to relate the monad to his reflection two connecting principles are needed:

There are two statements in the Secret Doctrine which are often overlooked by the casual reader but which, if duly pondered upon, convey much information. Let us make note of these two statements:

1. Two connecting principles are needed. This requires a living spiritual Fire of the middle principle from the Fifth and third states of Pleroma. This fire is the possession of the Triangles.

2. These Beings are Nirvanis from a preceding Mahamanvantara.

Also we are told that our mental plane is the reflection of the third and fifth states of Pleroma in the three worlds.

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