Want to boost your gut heath? Get moving! According to new research, it’s not just what you eat that intluences your gut bacteria, but how much exercise you do. İn a study published in the journal Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise, a group ot sedentary adults tollowed a six-week exercise programme betore reverting to sedentary behaviour tor six weeks. Atter the six weeks ot exercise, participants had higher levels ot gut microbes producing short-chain tatty acids, including butyrate, which helps reduce intlammation and promote gut health. Levels ot these beneticial compounds tell when the group stopped exercising. Yet another reason to get ott that sofa…


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It’s the workout that dreams are made of – group classes in which you quite literally nap for 45 minutes are now a thing. Following research that revealed 86 per cent of parents suffer from fatigue, with 26 per cent getting less than five hours’ sleep a night, David Lloyd Clubs ( has launched Napercise, a 45-minute group napping class in which participants do nothing but sleep.Sound bonkers? It’s not. Short-term sleep deprivation is bad for your health. It reduces your concentration, increases yourappetite and decreases your ability to makesmart food choices. Being sleep deprived can even up your risk of suffering from anxiety or depression. It has a negative effect on your fitness, too. When you’re tired, you’re less likely to have the energy to exercise regularly, which can have a knock-on effect on your mood.The perks of napping, however, are well documented. A doze could boost your thinking power, improve your memory,make you feel more creative and put you in a good mood. It also reduces stress, lowers the risk of heart attack or stroke, and wards off weight gain. Of course, it’s a challenge to harness more sleep – so imagine a place where you can drop the little ’uns off at the in-house creche and catch up on forty winks. You’ll enjoy atmospheric sounds, comfy (proper!) beds and a sleep-inducing temperature. It’ll be landing in David Lloyd Clubs this year…


Hate choosing between cardio and strength work? Now you don’t have to. New for 2018, fitness machine superpower, Technogym, has launched the SkillRun – a treadmill that boasts sled pushing and running functions. So much more than a combination of power and aerobic work, this exciting piece of kit also boasts the fastest speeds on the market, reaching up to 30kph. Mo Farah better watch out because this is just under 3kph faster than his one-mile pace. You can also run downhill on this treadmill, as it declines to a minus three per cent gradient. And, if that’s not enough, you can increase your running prowess by choosing between power-enhancing parachute training (a resistance that feels like you’re pulling a parachute while running) or sled pushing. Can you tell I’m excited? Expect it to roll out across Technogym-kitted studios this year.


Shock Absorber has been supporting our workouts since 1995, using the latest science to design sports bras that keep bounce to a minimum, whether running, lifting, stretching or playing sports. Now the popular brand has launched a range of activewear that will keep the rest of your body comfortable, however much you move. New for SS18, the line includes leggings, capris and a tank top, which launches alongside new bra colourways to complement the apparel. Confused about what sports bra to wear? You’re not alone. Whether big or small, all of us need to find the right support (even A cups can bounce up to 4cm!) but there’s so much bra choice that it can be confusing. Enter the new Bounce-O-Meter (shockabsorber., which matches your bra size and activity level to reveal the best-suited Shock Absorber sports bra. I recently put it to the test and was delighted to find that it made my workouts a whole lot more comfortable. From yoga to boxing, the right bra can boost your focus and confidence, so don’t overlookthe importance of this essential bit of kit.


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