Flower Yoga Pose

Flower Yoga Pose

Successful people like you do not wait for conditions to be right you just get up and get at it. No excuses? Right? Well yes most of the time I suppose…. There is only one time to do things and that is right now, as we are all aware the only time we have is now, right this second as you read this.

As you get around in your life you can start to see the difference between successful people and less successful people by the excuses or lack of them that they make. The trick is trying to spot these traits in you.

Can you think back in time when you were in your youth and you had a plan to be something in life, maybe a doctor, own a garage whatever it was? How did you get on with that plan?

If you did not succeed with your dream or plan, write down why you didn’t.

Now look at what you have written. Is it excuses, are you just masking the fact that you did not think that the conditions were right so you did not get on with the steps required.

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