Flying Crow Pose Yoga

My thoughts went from the complex to the mundane, but I was able to witness them without holding on to them.Flying Crow Pose Yoga It was like cleaning house in some way, because I was able to loosen the grip I held on so many unsolvable and uncontrollable situations in my life.Flying Crow Pose Yoga It felt good to relinquish some responsibility, finally. After the final afternoon break, I was resting in my spot waiting for the program to begin again when I smelled the sweet aroma of jasmine come wafting through the air. It brought a smile to my lips, and I opened my eyes knowingly and found the guru sitting in her chair, all aglow in her saffron robes, seated effortlessly in lotus position. She was looking directly in front of her with a soft smile and purposeful gaze. The room was abuzz; people rushed to their seats like schoolchildren at an assembly. The music began and Gurumayi chanted into a microphone as we responded back the same words.

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