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Alternate nostril breathing, or Anuloma Violma, has many different techniques and combinations that you can use. The most advanced are with 8. 16 and 32 repetitions. The technique you are using is fine and I hope that it helps with your meditation practice.

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My yoga practice is like coming home, and when I step on my mat F feel whole.Yoga has transformed my life, and now 1 cannot imagine what it would be like without it – v

I always knew I wanted to make a difference in this world, but the problem was. I didn’t know what I was here to do, and who 1 was here to serve. I had a longing to do something with my life. I knew , I wanted to make peoples lives better, help them feel more fulfilled and assist them in getting in ‘ touch with their inner beauty and authentic self. During my search. 1 started a catering company, did interior design and freelance writing, and flirted with the Idea of becoming a nutritionist, all in hopes of ’ finding my thing – the thing that would make my heart sing.

And then yoga found me. I didn’t go out looking for it. in fact, I was reluctant to even try it. but my aunt gifted me with a month on unlimited classes at her favourite studio, so I went and tried it out. I fell in loveand went morning, noon and night. 1 couldn’t

Yet even withithis passibn, I didn’t consider making it my career until my favourite teacher a yoga teacher training brochure at the end of class one day and told me that I shouldlhink about doing this. That was the tipping point and I signed ujfor the 9-month long, 300-hour programme.

When I teach, my ultimate goal is to help students along their journey to living their best life – whether that means more freedom in their body, the ability to stand confident in their truth, to heal a physical or emotional wound or simply connect with the breath. Yoga has transformed my life – and now I wish to help others transform theirs.

Cailen is a yoga teacher and entrepreneur. Alongside teaching Anusara-inspired vinyasa yoga, she shares empowering yoga business practices for teachers at

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