Full Boat Pose Yoga

The Indus Valley civilization, which first inhabited what is now known as India, were a people who recognized the powers of yoga and then applied them to their beliefs to achieve Brahmavidya knowledge of Brahman the Creator.Full Boat Pose Yoga The Buddhists followed suit, but adapted the practices to their own specific needs. Buddha himself reached an enlightened state only after mastering each of the eight limbs of yoga.Full Boat Pose Yoga One’s spirituality is a personal right, so we can worship privately at any time, but historically, worshiping in a group has been an integral part of religion. Temples, churches, and mosques were built with the intention to ele-Vate the spirit through the unity of many. When we come together to worship, the act becomes an exalted experience, just as it does when we come together in tragedy or for a music concert. As we now know, the goal of yoga is to achieve union with the Absolute, also known as Brahman or Atman, the true Self.

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