Full Moon Yoga Pose

Full Moon Yoga Pose

Try and focus on being positive and be happy to do so. If you do not generally do this and are considered to be too “serious”, consider deliberately replacing this habit with a sunnier outlook.

Have you been to a meeting and a piece of information is given out and some people make comments that for you are completely over the top? For you, you are just receiving information that you need to process and it is no big deal, but for others it is a big deal and they appear to be devastated by it.

This of course could be the other way around and you are one of the people reacting in a “down” way as you perceive something to be bad news.

In summary, you need to be conscious of the voices inside your head and make sure that you continue to smile in the face of adversity. Get your thoughts into some sort of perspective then focus on the new information and how you are going to move the situation forward.

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Remember to accentuate the positive and SMILE.

Worry is a Total Waste of Time

Worry is a total waste of time, it doesn’t change anything. All it 4oes is steal your [oy and keep you very busy doing nothing,

The world expert on worry is Paul McCartney. Do you remember the lines from the song Mrs Vanderbilt on the Band on the Run album?

“What’s the use of worrying? No use.”

He has got it in one, succinctly and tunefully put.

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