Fundamental Yoga Poses

Fundamental Yoga Poses

• If the pain remains through a workout, it can progress to a more serious injury.

• Muscular pain can become bone pain which can result in a stress fracture and in rare cases a true fracture requiring surgery.

• A single episode of pain that appears late in a yoga pose might turn out to be a mild muscle injury. It might also be more extensive and require prolonged rest to heal. If the yoga pose is important and the rest is acceptable, the risk of permanent or extremely long-term injury is low.

Outside of the Lower Leg, Above the Ankle to Just Below the Knee LATERAL LOWER LEG PAIN

• Pain is experienced along the outer leg, from a couple of inches above the ankle bone to a couple of inches below the knee, it can be directly on top of the outer leg bone (fibula), in front of it, or just behind.

• This is usually an achy, diffuse pain. On rare occasions it is deep, sharp and focused in a small area.

• During a workout it is common to experience a pain increase, with lingering pain afterward during daily activity. Rest usually settles it down.

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• Often, there is pain only during the first part of a workout.

• The sharper, deep pain usually comes directly from the bone, hurts when pressured, and is usually the result of continuing to train when previously sore. On rare occasions it can appear suddenly.

• After an ankle sprain there can be soreness in this area.

• The lateral muscles lift the outside of the foot and prevent excess supination. They attach to the outer leg bone (fibula).

• These muscles are also used when yoga at a fast pace, especially when sprinting.

• The fibula can suffer a stress fracture.

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