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Those who seek truth actively find themselves asking fundamental questions all the time, such as what is causing this? What does that mean? What did I learn from that? How could I improve? The fact is that we are as we are today, but the truth is in why that is the case.

If truth lies in what causes all life, including human life, then the seeking, loving and living of truth draws us closer to our very own nature.

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Adapted from the book, Courting The Truth, published by Eminent Productions loving and living of truth draws us closer to our very own nature.

Udvartana: This is a very traditional Ayurvedic massage given to brides weeks before the wedding till the wedding day. Finely ground Ayurvedic herbs and exotic sandalwood powder are mixed with precious Ayurvedic oils and gently massaged into the skin. This results in the stimulation of the energy flow in the body, the detoxification and nourishment of body tissues, the activation of the skin’s natural metabolism and also the improvement of lymph flow. The Udvartana massage cleanses and refines the skin structure and gives the skin a soft, silky texture and a lustrous glow.

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Natural Ayurvedic Facials: These facials are aimed towards treatments based on your Ayurvedic skin type Vata (dry skin). Pitta (sensitive skin) and Kapha (oily skin). Such facials once a month will help to bring your skin back to its natural balance, glow and vitality.

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