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We all die in tragedies of this magnitude, but we also survive and carry on with the memories and teachings of those gone ahead, as well.Half Lotus Pose Yoga It is valuable to look at how various religions deal with death and retribution. For Christians, Christ’s life teaches his followers through his own unjust and cruel death inflicted on the cross, which he experienced for the good of us all, so that we could learn that we, too, can rise up if we maintain our faith in God and in the afterlife.Half Lotus Pose Yoga For Muslims, the Koran says that if a man kills an innocent person, to God it looks as if he is killing all innocent people on earth; and that if you save an innocent person, it looks to God as if you are saving all innocent people on earth.

Buddhism explains this through the teachings and life of Gautama Buddha, who had four sightings on secret trips outside his palace walls, which led to his enlightenment. On the first trip, he meets an old man; on the second, he sees a very sick man. On the third venture, he sees a corpse being carried to a crematory; and on the fourth, he comes across a sadhu holy man or renunciate. The cumulative effects of these encounters are traumatic to Buddha, but he realizes through them the truth about the human condition; that all human beings are susceptible to sickness, old age, and death.

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