Half Moon Yoga Pose

Half Moon Yoga Pose

Ardha Chandrasana

One of the most beautiful Yoga Poses in yoga, Half Moon honors the phases of the moon and celebrates the dark and the light. It creates balance in the body and mind and in your life. The Yoga Pose strengthens the back body and standing leg, while opening and stretching the top leg and front body. As a transition Yoga Pose in many sequences, it brings about grace and coordination.

QUALITY Balancing EFFECT Flexibility, focus, strength PROPS Block GAZE To the ground for stability or to the top hand for energy

1 Begin in Warrior II Pose on the right side. Place your left hand on your left hip and stretch your right arm forward as you draw your right hip back.

2 Place your right hand on the ground or on a block 6 inches in front of you and a few inches to the right side of your mat. A block is a great tool when starting out with this Yoga Pose. Begin shifting your weight forward onto your right hand and foot.

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3 Lift up your left leg so it’s parallel to the ground and in line with your hips. Lift your left arm up toward the sky, in line with your right arm

4 Look down at the ground to establish your balance. When you’re ready, turn your gaze up toward your left hand and lean back slightly.

5 Flex your left foot and turn your right hip open to stack the hips.

6 Stay here and breathe for 3 to 5 breaths, inhaling to open the front of your body into the light and exhaling the ribs and navel into open the back body, the shadow side.

7 When you’re ready to come down, turn your gaze back to the ground. Bend your right knee while stretching your left leg back and down to the ground. Return to Warrior II before straightening your legs and repeating on the left side.

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