Hatha Yoga Poses

Hatha Yoga Poses

As the Third and Seventh Ray initiates do their work on the planet, our Western corporations will gradually be transformed into the externalisation on the mental plane of ashramic endeavour. Individuals will find their way into their working groups in response to a spiritual call or vocation rather than through convenience, opportunity or purely for the financial means to ‘make a living’. Rather than ‘making a living’ employees will ‘respond to Life’. They will be internally called by the specific note of Purpose emanating from their ashram on buddhic levels and being stepped down through the causal bodies of initiates who will then be found at the centre of these organisational forms.

Organisations will become organisms built around a body of fire in exactly the same way our physical bodies are built around our etheric body and that etheric body connects via the agnichaitans on the gaseous subplane of the dense physical plane.

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The analogy is accurate. The buddhic plane is the fourth cosmic ether and the Will of the monadic ashrams qualified by solar fire is focused through initiates on the mental plane, to drive the activity in the three worlds according to the Plan. Think this through.


It is the capacity for identification which allows the human Hierarchy on the buddhic plane to be the central bridging ‘Son’ principle for all of the seven planes of the solar system. It is the human soul which is able to identify with the highest and the lowest plane of the system.

We might think of Mercury as ‘that which sees’ and Venus as ‘sight’, the capacity to see or relate our self to that which we perceive as the not-self. When Mercury, the human soul, ‘looks’ into the three worlds Venus falls, the causal body is built and becomes the lens through which Mercury can identify with the vehicles of the personality, with other personalities and with events in the three worlds. We as Mercury, are the source of our own incarnation. As souls we ‘invest’ through the help of the solar angel in the three worlds. We release ourselves when we ‘disidentify’ with the three worlds. In effect, we ‘lose interest’. This ‘loss of interest’ cannot be engineered by the separated personal self seeking to escape responsibility in the three worlds. It can only be engineered by the soul itself, and the soul will only ‘lose interest’ when its purpose for incarnating is complete. By ‘incarnation’ here I am not speaking of the soul taking a physical body but of the soul incarnating on the mental plane in a causal body. The soul will not end its ‘investment’ in the three worlds until its purpose is complete, however through disidentification the consciousness of the soul can be increasingly liberated. In effect the soul gives up seeking a return on its investment ‘in’ the three worlds and begins to seek to return its investment ‘from’ the three worlds.

If the human soul on the buddhic plane is able to ‘identify’ with the three lower worlds of matter, it is equally able to identify with the three higher worlds the fiery worlds of the higher cosmic ethers. To do this the soul must lift its gaze from Matter to Spirit. The midpoint of this transfer of identity is of course the Crucifixion Initiation; however it should be remembered that initiation is a process and not an event. The event merely marks the completion of one stage in a process. The soul is freed progressively from matter and so it is quite appropriate for disciples past the Second Degree to begin the process of liberating portions of their soul consciousness at high meditative moments. The antahkarana is built out of soul consciousness in various different states of liberation and therefore focused on different planes. At the Second Initiation there is a touch of monadic energy that the soul uses to master the astral body under extreme tension. From then on the higher antahkarana can be developed consciously, and as more of the soul consciousness is freed from the three worlds to build this antahkarana, more monadic energy is able to flow into the soul.

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