Head To Knee Pose Yoga

Head To Knee Pose Yoga

You too could use the acorn analogy and the saying that mighty oaks from tiny acorns grow. From one small idea fantastic new adventures await you. However, from that seed of an idea you have to work at it. You have to water the idea (with action), you have to feed the idea (with new information) and you have to keep thinking about the idea too. By watching an acorn grow you can have a reminder of what you need to do to get the working life of your dreams.

Think of a river, it is relentlessly moving on its way to the sea. Again there is another analogy for you. This could be your life journey or your journey to success. You will smooth off the rough edges as you move forward, each day will have something new to teach you.

Just get out there into nature, leave the City behind and use your senses to inspire you in nature. Be in awe of the brilliance of it all. Think of other lessons nature can teach you.

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Mother Nature has more than enough lessons for all of us, get out there and communicate with nature and learn things that will move you on in your working life.

Let’s face it we all face setbacks every now and again. But as Les Brown says “if you can look up you can get up”. Great advice for us all. When we get knocked down (metaphorically) it is our attitude that will dictate how we will deal with this situation. There are many positive approaches on this theme, along with that of Les.

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