Healing Waters Yoga

Healing Waters Yoga

William Tiller has described work with memory chips imprinted by healers. Although healing can be imprinted, it is also possible to imprint stress. When I visited the laboratory of Jacques Benveniste shortly after the Nature inquisition had left, I was able to find by dowsing all the glassware (in a box on the top shelf of the store), the bench, and the incubator that had been used through the stress left behind. It’s easy for a person who has the capability of a healer and knows how to do so to affect sensitive living systems such as those Benveniste was using. I told him to trash everything or treat it as if contaminated with radioactivity in order to get his laboratory clean again.

I’ve shown that the basic arithmetical operations can be performed on frequencies imprinted into water and that the basic reversible logic gates and their operations can be implemented. Nerve impulses should be able to control computing operations in living systems, making biocomputing a possibility.


A water imprint is erased by briefly shielding it from the Earth’s (geomagnetic) field, such as by placing it inside a steel box. Heating imprinted water alters the imprint, which may become “hidden.” It can be recovered by the application of certain frequencies, which include those of the heart acupuncture meridian and chakra. The heart meridian frequency is on the Schumann Band, a geophysical resonance in the upper atmosphere under which life evolved. Another such frequency is the microwave resonance of molecular hydrogen. Medications can be made acceptable to sensitive patients by canceling their chemical signatures.


Frequencies in water and living systems present a very great measurement problem. Clinically, they may be anywhere in the electromagnetic spectrum These aren’t frequencies of “classical” electric or magnetic fields, but rather frequencies of “quantum” fields, which must be converted to the former for measurement with instruments. Information is carried as the frequency of the A-field component, which was originally a mathematical necessity arising from the fact that a magnetic field was found in closed loops. Eventually, it was shown theoretically by Aharanov and Bohm and later experimentally that this component of the magnetic field (called the magnetic vector potential) did actually exist and could produce interference effects.


To measure frequencies in water, I had to develop the dowsing techniques I’d initially devised for the diagnosis of reactions in very hypersensitive patients persons incompatible with technology, period! This was the only technique able to cover the frequency range and sensitivity required. I later extended it to the detection of resonances in water, allergen dilutions, and homeopathic potencies.

I’ve detected the frequency signature of salt (sodium chloride) to a concentration of about 0.3 ppm by weight in water.

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My dowsing measurements agree with instrumentation where this has been possible. Their internal consistency is good. Mind-body interactions make “double-blinding” difficult, if not impossible. The dowsing reaction must involve the heart or pericardium acupuncture meridians; if either is joined to a wire, all dowsing response is lost. A magnetic A-field reverses the dowsing response as it does for the Aharanov-Bohm effect. Since a frequency can be measured in less than the time for a single cycle, its measurement must involve a phase comparison between the left and right arms. (See also Chapter 8.)


There are several possibilities for objective frequency measurements. Electrodes immersed in water and connected to the input of a very sensitive amplifier or signal analyzer can detect an imprinted frequency in the kilohertz region if the water is excited by that frequency. A possible physical mechanism for this is that charges entering coherent water from an electrode must do so as charge-pairs; this reduces the number of charges at the water/electrode interface, thereby increasing the electrical resistance. The small “offset” current that flows into an amplifier detects this as a voltage.

Gariaev, in Moscow, has developed a special laser in which two beams are polarized perpendicular to each other. The beams interact with molecular structures, which produce optical rotation, resulting in the emission of radio frequencies. In his experiments with homeopathic potencies, a control solution showed no bio-information, while a D12 potency of platinum gave him peaks at 2.2 kHz and 4.5 kHz. Subsequently, I prepared a D12 potency of platinum and measured by dowsing the three frequencies: 2.301 kHz, 4.455 kHz, and 2.57 MHz. The last was obviously his radio frequency, and the others its modulation. I’ve detected similar resonances imprinted on water using light from an LED.

Elia and co-workers in Naples have carried out an extensive study on aqueous solutions subjected to successive dilutions and succussions. The heat of mixing with acids or bases differs between untreated water, dilute solutions, homeopathic potencies, and frequency-imprinted water. Although his microcalorimetry can confirm a single frequency imprint, it is at present too slow to measure a whole spectrum of frequencies.


When working toward a theory for “memory” effects in water, I looked at my measurements of the chemical hexane; this is a more volatile relative of the octane used for gasoline rating. With at least 14 ppm of water present, hexane gave a chemical frequency signature. Since it only has a spectrum in the far-infrared (FIR), this was the only region in which water could interact with it. Furthermore, I noted that of the very many water lines in this region, just a few [28 |im (357 cm-1), 47 |im (213 cm-1), and 78 |im (128 cm-1)] could become coherent enough to use in a water-vapor laser. I concluded that these should be able to provide the necessary coherence for water “memory” and was able to calculate hexane frequency signatures from these spectra.

When the same calculation was applied to pairs of these FIR lines in the absence of any hexane, this gave the measured frequencies of water. When a frequency was imprinted onto water, the FIR frequencies were replaced by two sidebands proportional to the imprinted frequency. Because of coherence, this is a fractal effect, and corresponding sidebands appeared in many parts of the electromagnetic spectrum.

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