Healthy Kitchen

Healthy Kitchen

Shake off the serious and discover your inner culinary goddess in our Healthy Kitchen. Our all female line-up will demonstrate delicious, nourishing and easy to cook meals.

Body Bootcamp

Get ready for bikini season with our fast, fun and effective fitness and dance classes featuring the latest crazes sweeping the globe, including kettle bell workouts to belly dancing and even circus skills classes.

Sports Arena with WSFF

After the greatest summer of women’s sport, we re proud to present the inaugural Sports Arena with the Women’s Sport b Fitness Foundation (WSFF). You’ll have the opportunity to try table tennis, badminton or rounders. Plenty of coaches will be on hand to help you learn a new sport or return to an old favourite.

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Holistic Therapy Rooms

Our taster holistic therapy sessions range from Reiki to reflexology and shiatsu to kinesiology. Our experts’ healing hands will work wonders and rebalance your mind, body and spirit.

Mind over Matter Stage

Our specialist life and career coaches will help you conquer your confidence issues and realise your dreams. Take a step towards changing your perspective and possibly your life forever.

Fear & Phobia Clinic

Terrified of flying, heights, spiders or something much more obscure? No matter what your irrational fear, our fear and phobia experts are here to help. They’ll share their wealth of knowledge and experience with you and offer practical solutions to curing your phobias once and for all.

Craft & Skill Workshops

If your undiscovered creative side is simply yearning to get out then stop by our Craft b Skill Workshops and top up your talent. Learn the art of cupcake decoration, screen-printing and sewing skills. Expect to learn new skills, show off your creations and most of all have fun.

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