High Risk Pregnancy And Exercise

High Risk Pregnancy And Exercise

From here the extension is through the love petals of the human egoic lotus via the astral body and into the etheric via the heart chakra on the second etheric subplane. As the energising life of the etheric body, this energy now expresses as the ‘etheric triad’, the lowest expression being through the agnichaitans on the gaseous or fifth subplane of the dense physical plane.

When relating cosmic life to systemic, the correct correspondence will be between a human soul and a Solar Logos. Just as a Solar Logos is working out his incarnational Plan through three cosmic planes and seven Planetary Logoi, so a human soul is working out his incarnational plan through three planes and through seven centres.

A Solar Logos is able to create in the three worlds via Agni, and a human soul is able to create via a solar angel. If we extend this correspondence into the three worlds we will see that a solar angel is to Agni what an agnichaitan is to a solar angel.

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The three lower subplanes of the cosmic physical plane are not a principle to the Solar Logos, just as man’s physical body on the lower three subplanes of the physical plane is not a principle to him.

However it is only when the hidden light within the outer form is awakened and stimulated that the full glory of a son of God, human or cosmic, is revealed.

This is achieved through the full arousing of the kundalini in both a human and planetary sense and results in the freedom of the consciousness or soul aspect from the form nature.

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