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Raise one leg until it is at a right angle with Hot yoga 40 poses your hips. Extend out through the toes of both legs. Keep your hips and the Hot yoga 40 poses muscles of the bottom leg engaged to maintain the straight line of your body from your shoulders to your toes. Lower the leg. Switch legs. Alternate lifting your legs 8 times 4 on each leg. You can come down between lifts to readjust your position on the ball and rest. Make this exercise easier by keeping both knees bent.

The Malini-vijayottara-tantra (hereafter: Malini) is a Tantra belonging to the Kulas. It is addressed to the Goddess Malini – hence the title – and the text tries to bring together several yoga concepts from Kaula and Siddhanta Saivists, according to Vasudeva. The yoga discussed in the Malini is a six-limb yoga. Among those limbs dharana is critical. Dharana has the meaning of introspection’, which is different from Patanjali’s concentration’ or fixation’. Dharana consists of 15 levels of complex introspections using a range of visualisation techniques. Through this process, where different ontological (the structure of being) and epistemological (the structure of perceiving) categories are analysed, the adept moves his consciousness closer and closer to that of Siva’s, so that eventually he will perceive as Siva does.

This very philosophically based analysis of the fundamentals of being and our conceptual apparatus is similar to what we found within Patanjali’s Yoga Sutra and the Buddhist approach. But one should not stretch the comparison too far because as soon as one starts to look into the exact meaning of shared concepts they have different meanings and purposes.

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