Hot Yoga Pose

Hot Yoga Pose

You can use this technique at work too. Before you start a task, maybe it is something in the past that you have told yourself that you “hate” doing. Or you are just “Not a filing type of person”. Try consciously thinking the opposite.

Stop, pause and tell yourself that you are really going to enjoy this job. Attack it with gusto. Laugh along. Listen to music. Have the satisfaction of completion in your head.

Yes, happiness is definitely an inside job and you can use this knowledge to really complete tasks more efficiently at work and soon you will have learned one of the secrets to Working Wow!!!

We have a habit of blaming others or some inanimate object, particularly when things go wrong. I assume that this must be learned behaviour from childhood as the truth of the matter is pretty simple.

We are all responsible for our own destinies. From an early age we choose to do what we do. Our life is the sum of our decisions and actions. We cannot seek to blame others yet we still seem to want to irrespective of the circumstances.

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