How Does Reflexology Work for Good Posture?

Michelle Walton (MW): Reflexology is a non-invasive holistic therapy based on the principle that all organs, systems and glands are mapped onto areas of the feet. Pressure, using specific thumb and finger techniques, is applied to reflexes corresponding to body parts to stimulate physiological changes to take place in the body, encouraging organs to function more optimally. As this happens, toxins and excess hormones sitting in the organs are flushed from the body to bring healing and balance, both physically and emotionally.

How Does Reflexology Work for Good Posture? Photo Gallery

Are there any other exciting methods in reflex to help perfect one’s posture?

MW: Foot Mobilisation gently works on the bones and joints in the foot and the muscles in the leg, improving the functionality and alignment of the foot, which, in turn, affects posture. Realignment of the bones in the feet has a positive knock-on effect all the way up the body. Tight ligaments and muscles are released helping with joint pain and degeneration and may even prevent the necessity for correctional surgery. Relief in back organ functionality improves as your posture is corrected.

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