How to Do the Locust Pose Salabh Asana Back Bend

Welcome to drone yoga salabh Asana or locust pose is a beautiful backbend that not only helps us become flexible in our spine. But also strengthens the spine let’s look at how it’s done in a healthy way gonna lay down on the belly arms alongside the body palms facing up gonna rest my one cheek on the ground, if I let my legs draw I’ll notice that for me their toes want to be close in. And the heels out this is a very comfortable place as I will start to lift the legs in order to use the muscles to lift up I will tend to bring the heels closer in and eventually.

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If I lift high enough the toes out this creates a lot of work for the gluts or the gluts are the ones that are working to create this and once their buttocks muscles are working very hard it may especially, if I’m lifting the chest at the same time create some pressure on the lower back for some of us it won’t be a big deal for some of us not so great let’s practice safeand for sure in a way that will not cause us any injury.

So we’re gonna try and keep the big toes touching in the heels apart as we lift, if you’ll feel your buttocks you’ll notice that it’s relaxed as you start to lift the legs you’ll notice it’s working some. But not very firm, if you bring the heels together you’ll notice it’s a lot harder, if you release the heels to the side a little softer let’s keep the heels out for now adding the lift in the chest now I can feel my back.

But it’s not in any overly intense manner you’re welcome to work on bringing the heels in as long as you can keep the thighs rolling in and up as long as the glutes don’t get to work too much you can work the heels closer reaching the feet further back reaching the head forward lifting the chest the classic is Tom’s top of the hands on the ground lifting higher up in the chest and legs other options may include clasping the hands and lifting up here a little more intense another variation hands on the floor a little bit behind these shoulders as I lift up shoulders back chest up coming down I’ll release by moving my hips from side to side so enjoying this beautiful pose that helps strengthen the back just make sure that you do not overly use your glutes your buttocks muscles as that may create some strain on the back thank you.

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