How to Do the Pas Asana Ashtanga

Welcome to Tyrone yoga everyone today we’ll work on pashana pashana the news pose is a pretty challenging twist pose in the ashtanga vinyasa tradition it’s from the second series the intermediate series. So let’s look at how it’s done I’ll show you first the full version. And then I’ll show you kind of a different way to get into it. So we’re coming into a squat position I start on my toes heels up. But for some of us it’s hard to balance so play something underneath your heels you can place a block blanket even rolling up your map works taking up the right arm and bringing it over across the left thigh I’m going to use my right hand to really press it away.

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So I can try and tuck as deep as possible towards the armpit we are twisting towards the left even though and I stung got all other twist or towards the right. But this time we go to the left my arm goes just like freestyle swimming kind of rotates under and I reach it almost like tucking it behind the ankle to hold it there this is to try and stay steady here while I take the left arm up and over behind me the left arm will go behind. And then I’ll try to wrap and clasp them. And I’m losing a lot of bundas keeping the belly lifted the pelvic floor to help me stay steady as I lower the heels to the ground chest is open gazes towards the left and breathe okay I guess we have another side to go so trying again twisting this time we’re taking the left arm to the outside of the right thigh you can see here better that it’s really going towards the armpit and once I have that then I got the other one over binding you can hold the fingers you can try and reach towards the wrist a little harder hey I just got some long iron. So It’s easier for me. But you know some things are easier than others in houses breathing is the key here and using the bond death. So that’s it that’s pretty much the pose we do left side right side no jumping.

And then we go ahead and move on to the next post I’m going to show you another variation I’ll show you the variation coming to it from boot-cut a sauna from the fierce pose. So we’re coming up to standing bending the knees lowering the hips down again the belly goes in and here comes the deep twist already I’m trying to talk as much as possible the armpits beyond the leg not just the elbow pressing the arms to open up that’s comfortable open the arms all the way to the sky and eventually taking the left arm the upper arm behind the back wrapping it I’m starting to lower my hips down as much as possible so now you can see it starting to look more like the pose you can take a breath or two here you can take ten breaths here right really let this open I’m using the arm to tuck a little deeper taking the arm further in and again at any of these points you can just stay and let it open you don’t have to ever get to the popos just work towards it, if you have the binds great take the binds do so humbly and keep opening the chest right see, if you can stay relaxed don’t look like you’re stressing out here I’m going to come out of it for a second.

And then I’m going to take the full pose again from here just. So you can see it again a little faster just reaching the bottom arm reaching the upper arm clasping lowering the heels opening the chest. And just think for a goodnice fibrous that’s pretty much it we’ll see it one more time we have another site to go one forward fold for a moment or just release the spine for a second and finding your bootcut Asana variation bending the knees hips down taking the twist arms and namaste opening the upper shoulder in the chest then spreading the arms of heart opening deeper. And the upper arm goes behind the back wrapping as far as it can go and take some shoulder open lowering down the hips and trying to reach again as deeply as you can towards the armpit taking a breath or two to really stretch the upper shoulder open. And the left hand can stay on the ground then going into the full twist into the full bind and by the way you can always do this over one leg you don’t have to do this over two legs that’s another way to make it more manageable to begin with and clasping the hands opening the chest whether over one leg or both legs that’s great and releasing so remember this is the of doing it one more time to show you the full variation on the second side. But then just remember it is the first those of the second series. But nobody said that that makes it an easy pose people do this sometimes leaning against the wall. So that they don’t tip backwards having blocks under the heel a teacher helps a strap can help we have between the hands right use what you need to to make it work and most of all enjoy thank you all then namaste see you soon.

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