How To Do Yoga Poses For Beginners

How To Do Yoga Poses For Beginners

Laughter Practice

Learning to laugh from deep within the belly is a profound and enjoyable experience. Laughing helps lengthen and stabilize the breath and naturally calms the mind and opens the mind/heart.

There are many yoga teachers who specialize in laughter practice and it is worth attending one of their classes to gain the full experience of laughing hysterically for extended periods of time with a bunch of other people.

You can practice it yourself of course. We have all experienced glimpses of it more often when we young. When you start laughing at something let yourself go. Let the laughter come from deep within your belly and allow your whole being to laugh. Eventually you will notice that you are not laughing at something that funny anymore, but you are simply laughing at laughing. The very act of laughing becomes joyful in itself.


Pranayama means breath control or regulation of prana (Qi). If you are pregnant, have high or low blood pressure, heat conditions or epilepsy please consult a health professional before embarking on pranayama techniques.

I would also advise not to practice pranayama too much (2+ hours each day) because it can be such a powerful practice that it can send people into mental instability due to its affect on the nervous system. If you interested in pranayama and want to practice it more seriously seek its important to find a verified and very experienced yoga teacher who can guide you properly into the world of pranayama.

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