How To Get Relief From Wrist Pain and Strengthen Your Wrist

Hi my name is Asha.

And I’m a yoga instructor in today’s post I’m going to show you some postures displayed in the room to begin this posture we’re going to position the palm with all fingers spread nice and wide place the palms onto the mat and focus on evenly spreading the entire palm on to the ground allow the arms to be in a nice straight line and toes can be tucked start to gently bring the weight forward.

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And then peel it back allowing the weight to roll forward. And then back start to feel how the pressure moves through the arm into the ground. And then as you move back the weight slowly coming off of the wrist take the right palm and point the fingers towards your body allow the weight to move directly down the arm into the sturdy part of the risk, if this feels really good you can start to gently move back and forth do the same on to the other hand very small movements. And then this feels really good you can try with both palms fingers facing towards your body. And then slowly move the hips back. And this creates a really nice stretch in the forearm all the way from the wrist up to the elbow bring the palms back facing forward fingertips facing forward. And then just lift the knees slightly.

And then Bernice and do this a few times strengthening the wrist by bringing pressure slowly and evenly and release to relax the wrist interlock the fingers you’re not forcing them together you’re just allowing them to gently touch. And then roll the wrist rotating evenly almost like you’re just rolling the tennis ball in between an imaginary tennis ball in between the palms both ways and release. So I hope you enjoyed that always remember to take good care of your wrists. And you will always enjoy a nice practice to watch more posts just subscribe right here and take care have fun fun you you.

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