How to Lose Weight Fast in 10 Simple Steps

PVF: Always Eat Protein and Veggies First! From now on and for LIFE, the staple for every single one of your meals is ALWAYS protein and veggies. Some meals will have more carbs or fats added to them, but the staple for ALL meals is PVF. Know that at every meal, every day, you are going to eat protein and veggies first before you eat anything else. This one thing is what sets you up for optimal health, the best hormonal balance, keeps your blood sugar in check, energy levels high, provides the best environment for recovery, melts fat, and helps you develop that booty! When we get to the meal plan section, you will see what I mean.

But starting right now, eat protein and veggies at every meal. As you read further, you will see examples of nutrition plans of what to eat and how to eat them. Butjust eat protein and veggies for now. For the First 10 Days Like I said, for this 10-day sugar detox, this is ALL you’re allowed to eat – protein and veggies only. This means every meal you’re going to eat foods like chicken thighs and broccoli or steak and cauliflower, etc. This can be any combination of a protein you choose with any form of a low carb veggie you choose. That’s it for the detox. During this initial time, you CANNOT have high-carb foods like fruit, oats, grains, potatoes, beans, quinoa, brown rice, etc. Eat an animal protein paired with a low-carb veggie at every meal.

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I also want you to eat more fats, so eat some ground beef, chicken thighs, fatty fish, steak, etc. You will still need to account for the calories, which we will discuss in a bit. Just know that PVF is the staple of how we eat FOREVER! This is your new lifestyle. The only thing that changes after your 10-day sugar detox is that you get to reintroduce some carbs like fruit, quinoa, or sweet potatoes on occasion – if you choose. The fastest way to melt fat is by doing low carb and carb cycling. You can add more carbs after the detox, but in very small doses. It will be nowhere near the amount you really want and in the amounts you’ve been used to eating your whole life, you carboholic! Belief warning: Change this to “I USED to be a carboholic.” PVF! Simple, right? Good.

Now let’s talk about a quick little BELIEF to establish that will help you with this discipline. One of the biggest reasons why people struggle with their food choices, especially in social settings, is because they have the wrong mindset. By just making a simple mindset switch and changing a belief, you create POWER, control, and the ability to stay on point. Want to know what those beliefs are? “I don’t eat that! Right now, you have the mindset of “I can’t eat that.” This makes you feel powerless and actually makes you want it more. But if you switch that mindset to “I don’t eat that,” you become empowered, you get to choose, and you are in control. Simple, huh? This is proven science and it works.

I use this each time I go out to eat or to a social gathering. If you have been out with me, you’ve heard me say this. But you have to ingrain this as a habit when you are around processed carbs or offered crap food. You are going to be surrounded by junk food every single day of your life. At work, in the breakroom, at parties, at all social events, eating out with friends, and any number of occasions. It’s going to be everywhere you go, so what are you going to have to do to keep yourself and your body on point? COMMIT! Adopt and implement the belief of “I don’t eat that.” It works! Harvard studies have proven it. I do this myself and teach it to my clients. Use this around pushy friends who always offer bad food. This is because they subconsciously fear you being fıtter than them and don’t want to be a fatty alone. Plus, they don’t want to feel guilty eating foods they KNOW they shouldn’t be eating. You can give more specific responses like:

• “I don’t eat bread.” (I use this one at restaurants.) • “I don’t eat sugar.” • “I don’t eat pasta.” • “I don’t eat processed carbs.” • “I don’t eat cake” You get the point. Ifyour girlfriends ask why, respond with these: • “I’m watching my carbs.” • “I don’t want cravings for days.” • “I’m allergic.” • “One bite leads to a binge.” • “I’m keeping my physique in check.” • “I need to look good for my Instagram.” • “My calories are done for the day.” (I use this one a lot.) • “I’m full” • “I ate before I came.”

(Always do this, by the way. I’ll explain later.) Stick to your guns! Over time, these food pushers will stop and your circles of influence will change. As your body starts to SHOW the results of your discipline, they will all be inspired. With that said, one of the biggest determining factors to your fitness success is your PEER GROUP. What does that mean? It means that if you want to be lean, defined, and sexy with a booty, you have to dump your fat friends. “OMG, that’s so mean!” Yep, but it’s partially their fault that you have excess body fat right now.

They are the ones pushing food, inviting you out for drinks, making bad food choices, and offering bites of it to you. On top of that, you adopt the mindset, actions, and behaviors of those you spend the most time with. This is a proven fact. “You are the sum of the five people you spend the most time with.” -Jim Rohn So to get the body, the confidence, the sexiness, and the booty, you are going to have to make changes with your immediate circle of influence. Invite your fat friends to join you on this journey, to work out, to start eating right, and hitting your macros with you – or dump them. Those are your choices.

Now, you don’t have to be a bitch about it like in the movie Mean Girls, saying things like, “You can’t sit with us.” But that’s the way you need to think. Instead, you can say, “Hey, I’m very serious about getting my body really fit and I’d love for you to do this with me. So I would appreciate you either joining me or just only invite me to things that are fitness activities, alcohol-free, or have healthy food options.” Have them get this book too so they can understand why you’ve changed. Ifthey won’t do either of these, what does that say about how they feel toward you? It screams they don’t respect you, your goals, and only care about themselves. It means they are NOT good friends, so just stop hanging out with them. When they invite you, just say:

• “Sorry, I’m watching my carbs” • “I don’t eat that anymore.” • “I’m busy” Over time, they will stop inviting you so much. I know some of your friends are awesome and I know they are tons of fun. You’re not saying goodbye forever, just the majority of the time. And when you do see them, limit the time you spend until they jump on the Booty Gains train. (Which they WILL do when they see you rocking a hot, confident, sexy body.)

One of the biggest success hacks to getting this body is SURROUNDING yourself with those who are already there. Surround yourself with sexy bitches! Find fit friends, work out with them, and be around them. Their mindsets, actions, and behaviors will rub off. I know some of you are thinking but I don’t know anyone. That’s okay. Until you do find someone or meet them at the gym, guess who you spend the most time with? YOURSELF. It’s better to be solo and progressing rapidly than to be dragged down by your fatty friends. I get it; the fatties are often the really fun ones.

I’m not saying you have to defriend them; I’m just saying you need to reduce the time you spend with them. Get them on board or leave them on the docks most of the time while your ship is at sail. You can stop at the port once in a while and hang out with them. But for the most part until they STEP UP their game, raise their standards, and jump on the Fit Cruise, they need to be left behind most of the time. This includes family. Now that I’m bringing this to your attention, you’ll notice what I just said. Just watch what happens. The next time your fatty friend invites you somewhere, it will be for FOOD (Mexican, Chinese, ice cream, or drinks), or she will bring over cakes, cookies, pies, or want to order pizza. Even if you say no, she will keep offering to try and get you to join her bad choices and fatness. It’s what they do – all of them – even men. So dump your fat friends and find fit ones.

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