How to Meditate and Let Go of Thoughts

Welcome to their own yoga I’m down here in San Diego. And it’s a really hot day very humid I’m sweating just by sitting here and talking to you so sorry about that. But it’s good it’s the fact that I’m a little hot and a little sweaty already. And I’m going to talk to you about meditation I’m going to talk to you about letting go so what does it mean to let go it’s very commonly used when people say oh you’re letting go of your thoughts when you meditate oh you’re letting go of the sweat of the sense of being a bit uncomfortable and letting go is actually correct, if we understand it right letting go is not an active thing I don’t let go of my thoughts and sitting here and I push them away or wish them away it doesn’t happen when I’m focusing on my thoughts they’ll usually just gain more power.

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I try to think about not thinking doesn’t really work so well so letting go is more of a surrender practice so maybe a drop of sweat will come down from my forehead to my nose or to my chin letting go is just allowing it to be it’s not giving it more power than it already has it’s there may be comfortable may be uncomfortable. But it’s allowing it to be without wishing it’s to be anything different without wishing that it was warmer or cooler or less humid. So the practice of letting go is simply the practice of being right here right now with whatever is without any desire for it to be different Patanjali. And the Yoga Sutras talks about about desires wanting things to be in a certain way and a version like wanting things to be. But don’t want things to be.

So I can either wants to have a better meditation or I can want to have less sweat less heat both of them will take me away both of them will not practice of letting go letting go means that I’m okay with it however it is so hopefully we got down so now that I’m sitting I’m sitting still I’m breathing the thoughts are coming by how do I actually let go the thoughts well letting go of the thoughts means you’re doing nothing you’re just sitting. So the thoughts come by and, if my quanta focus is the breath I’ll keep focusing on the breath that my point of focus is a candle I’ll focus on the candle I thought comes by right I notice it I don’t even say oh here’s a thought I just go back to the candle or to my breath. But maybe you have a practice of focusing on a dating right you’re really seeing this inspiring figure for you. And you see it so well that you can really be part of it. So just remember the practice of meditation is the practice of allowing things to be exactly as they are not trying to control them not trying to get more power to thoughts. But not trying to fight them either just coming back to whatever you’re not oh not your point of concentration is. So that your meditation slowly evolves on its own we’ll have a talk soon about that an idea. And some idea the differences between them so stay tuned thank you so much man asleep.

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