How to Sit In Vajrasan

Emma Skye I am David Earth welcome to Anand yoga yoga techniques for digestive problems for jerison this is a very basic awesome yet very effective on your digestive problems it is one of the very few ursins that you can do immediately even after having your meal to go in by jason said that both the legs in front straight when one leg catch it with the same hand turn it round and put it under your buttock then bend the other leg catch it with the same hand put it on the dupatta in such a way that both the toes are touching each other palms on your thighs push your elbows behind.

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So that your shoulders are also pushed behind your chin is parallel to the ground close your eyes please be aware how is it feeling in the abdomen has it been used at the breast this is a practice which can which you can do immediately after you need always remember maintain as long as you are comfortable when you want to come out take the weight on one side of the body and release the opposite leg then shift the weight on that leg and release the other leg and relax.

But there’s no need to listen to the same thing over and over again it can happen while you’re driving billboards messages while you’re walking, if you’re walking down a street to New York there’s usually so many messages on buses on bus stops can you focus on your steps on your breath read a little bit less of what’s going on around you and last one of my favorites try to practice seeing things without labeling so when you see a tree a flower can you just see them be amazed at them you don’t need to call them my name you don’t need to describe them to tell somebody their color the more you can just see things without labeling the cleaner your mind remains the more ready it is for just the right task to just have the input to see things exactly as they are so remember in order to have an easier time when you meditate in order to be happier at all times make sure that whatever you do throughout your life you’re keeping your lines clear. And you only take in what you need thank you.

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