How to Stay Healthy and Balanced in Life

Namaste welcome to another session of the rowan yoga today shooting from the encore hotel in Vegas Vegas huh that’s what I thought what’s he doing in Vegas well this is the story of my life on a flexitarian and I find myself sometimes in a very cheap place in India with hot water that takes that lasts maybe a minute and a half. And it takes about three to five minutes to just warm up and sometimes.

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And then the most luxurious hotel have ever been to with floor-to-ceiling windows with amazing views on the 29th floor overlooking beautiful mountains and a golf course, if flexitarian is a person that refrains from too much judgment and tries to see what’s the best they can do in every situation and sometimes the situation is being in a very simple place in India practicing yoga and sometimes coming to a beautiful show with lots of body and water and amazing abilities and appreciating that along with some of the other stuff that Vegas has to offer does it mean.

I have to indulge in drinking or gambling absolutely not can I enjoy the swimming pool and float in the three-quarters empty beautiful sparkling swimming pool oh yeah can I enjoy the beauty of the room without criticizing why certain people have too much money and can enjoy this & Wilders don’t have money yeah do I do it with compassion and try to save on towels even, if it’s all paid for yeah so a flexitarian again is somebody that really tries to find what’s the best they can do situation a flexitarian does whatever is the most suitable for the present moment thank you everyone you.

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