How to Survive a Vegas Buffet

Namaste welcome to the Royal yoga today I want to talk to you about how to survive the buffet in Vegas I’m sitting on the 29th floor at the encore hotel in Vegas and I had a wonderful meal for lunch at the wynn hotel buffet the buffet can easily be a place of too much indulgence as many of us know my system is to come in take a few breaths decide that I need to consciously. And enjoy the abundance rather than just go greedy I scan the whole buffet see what’s there and after I see what they think what are the things that are really more unique more special not just a stuffed knee kind of food.

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I go and I started with a first plate on the light side maybe a salad fish something that’s more of an appetizer like plate go without filling it up sit eat it I take a few moments before that and my second plate I breathe notice how I feel. And then I go from may be slightly more of an entree kind of plate few samples a lot of vegetables a lot of vegetables eat the second round take another breath or two mostly don’t need a third round.

If you really took undertook the second round take a small third round. And then dessert dessert is extremely tempting there’s so many options find what your favorite thing is one maybe two things you don’t even have to finish them hopefully they’re really small enjoy them enjoy a cup of tea and after you’re done finished with a moment of gratitude and go take a walk go take a swim really allow yourself to digest the food, if you go slow, if you take time to eat consciously and really enjoy with gratitude what you have there a buffet can be a remarkable beautiful experience thank you stay.

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