Important yoga poses for weight loss

It can help increase stamina, and can help relieve backaches Important yoga poses for weight loss , especially during your second trimester of pregnancy. Modification: You need to keep your back Important yoga poses for weight loss leg straight in this posture, so if you are finding this difficult, come out of your lunge a bit. A deeper lunge can make keeping your back leg straight harder. Using the same lunge as both warrior poses but with the hips facing the side of the mat like warrior II, you will stretch your arms out to the side like warrior II as well.

Then, reaching down with the arm over the front leg, you will put your hand on the floor alongside the foot and slowly twist to raise the other arm to the ceiling, opening up the chest. Look up as you do this position and keep your abdomen muscles tight as you twist to protect your lower back. This is also a strengthening pose, as so many in yoga are, but can also help with constipation, lower backache, sciatica issues and menstrual discomfort. There are even those who believe this posture can help with infertility.

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