Inclined Plane Yoga Pose

Inclined Plane Yoga Pose

• This condition is genetic, resulting in a tendency to spasm with a shut down of the tiny vessels that control the circulation to the periphery. This is the body organism’s way of preserving heat by shunting the surface blood to the core. Raynaud’s syndrome is present when these vessels overreact and then will not release when the stimulus is gone.

• It is not known exactly what makes people develop this problem. It is commonly first noticed in the 20’s or early 30’s. In some cases it can be related to other diseases such as arthritis, but this is less common.

• Often, only one or two toes will be involved at a time. It occurs in fingers, also.

• Raynauds can occur in cold or warm temperatures, but is most commonly felt during the Fall and Winter, disappearing when the temperature warms up in the Springtime.

• It is speculated that stress is involved, but this is not as common in athletic versions.

• Certain medications can aggravate the disease and stimulants such as caffeine and smoking can trigger it.

• Some versions are so severe that the skin tissue will completely break down, producing open wounds.

• See a doctor for a diagnosis. Since there is no test for Raynaud’s, a doctor will ask questions. There are tests to determine if there are other causes for Raynaud’s.

• Initial treatment for mild cases involves keeping the body warm and the extremities protected. In extreme cases, individuals will find relief by spending winters in warm climates.

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