Intense Yoga Poses

Intense Yoga Poses

While cultivating a daily home practice is essential, you might also want to incorporate classes into your routine. This way you can learn firsthand from a trained teacher and also experience the sense of community that comes from practicing with others. Sangha , or Satsang , “practicing together in community,” is another important aspect of yoga.

It’s normal to feel a little timid when attending a yoga class for the first time. But going to class is an exciting adventure. It’s a great opportunity to widen your practice and connect with others.

If you do feel fearful or nervous, remind yourself that the goal of yoga is to honor your body.

There is no competition in yoga, and no need to compare yourself to those around you. Your practice is your practice. Yoga is about being an eternal beginner. There are no advanced postures, only opportunities to be a beginner again. Good teachers honor this philosophy wholeheartedly and will support you right where you are.

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You can find a class at the gym, the YMCA, a boutique studio, or a chain of studios. Explore your options. Try out different classes and teachers. Try out different styles. Find what works best for you. Just because you show up at a class once doesn’t mean that you must go there forever. Know that there are many styles, classes, and teachers out there, and that as you evolve as a human and a yoga practitioner, your needs and preferences will change. Don’t be shy about mixing it up. Following are some of the yoga styles you might want to explore.

Hatha Most yoga classes are a form of Hatha Yoga, which incorporates asana and pranayama to still the fluctuations of the mind. “Ha” means sun and “tha” means moon, referring to a union of the opposites within, such as: male/female, strength/flexibility, and effort/ surrender. Generally slower moving and gentle, these classes are perfect for beginners and great for when you need to slow down and unwind.

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