Interesting Yoga Poses

Interesting Yoga Poses

Living Yoga Off the Mat

By now, I hope you’ve come to understand the incredible tradition of yoga and its life-transforming powers. Yoga is a lifelong spiritual practice that evolves over time, adapting to every phase of your life. My wish is for you to experience the many blessings of yoga for years to come.

Because yoga is a way of living, the practice goes well beyond the mat. You’ll find that incorporating asanas, meditation, and breathing practices into your everyday life will start to affect your entire way of being. With conscious movement, breathing, and thinking comes conscious living, from the inside out.

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Pinpoint a part of your body that is feeling the effects of last night. Start to direct your breath from this place. It’s almost like you are breathing from this place rather than from your lungs. Stay there for at least a couple of minutes.

Then move on to another area. Pounding head? Churning stomach? Rather than trying to distract yourself from what your body is experiencing, experience it directly and breathe into it. Take your time, telling each part of your body that you are on the same team Think of Zen monk Thich Nhat Hanh’s simple advice, “Smile, breathe, and go slowly.” Particularly on a day when you’re feeling slower than normal, these are words to live by.

There are times in life where you may relish sitting in one place, reveling in your relationship, your job, or just your general place in life. Then you realize that there hasn’t been movement in some time.

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