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• Pain may be anywhere around the nail plate. In many cases the end of the toe will feel sore.

• Mild to moderate soreness develops during a run, becoming much more sore later. Throbbing may occur at night.

• The nails are attached directly to their bed and do not slide over the skin. The skin and nail move forward as a unit.

• Pain occurs when the nail is pushed, pulled or lifted, separating it from the bed.

• The growth of the nail originates from the cuticle area.

• If the forward part of the nail lifts from its bed, discoloration may occur beneath the nail due to bleeding from the torn vessels into the pocket where the nail no longer attaches. As fluid accumulates, the increased pressure from the pocket becomes painful.

• If the rear part is not damaged (nail origin) the nail can continuing growing, pushing out the damaged part over time.

• If the growth area is damaged, the nail will fall off within a few weeks, sitting on the bed until a new nail lifts it loose from beneath.

• Sometimes a very stressful event can produce such a quantity of blood and fluid underneath that a blister forms, bulging out around the border of the nail. The nail may seem to be floating.

• The mildest, yet troublesome type of nail damage is a chronic thickening, perhaps with yellowing, that never becomes painful, but remains over a long period of time.

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