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YOGA INSTITUTIONS from a direct source of knowledge within that tradition, there are also several well-known In addition to the yoga schools already men- yoga institutions around the world that protioned, which are taught by those individuals Laghu Vajrasana Pose Yoga vide knowledge, instruction, and resources for who have received training and certification the yogi.Laghu Vajrasana Pose Yoga Siddha A Siddha is a perfected yogi, one who has attained the state of unity-consciousness, or enlightenment. The Siddha lineage is an unbroken chain of supreme masters that originates with Lord Shiva. In modern times, the lineage was passed down from Bhagawan Muktananda to Swami Chidvilasananda also called Gurumayi.

Muktananda received the power of the Siddha lineage from his guru, Bhagawan Nityananda, in 1961. The first ashram devoted to the teachings of Siddha Yoga was established in Ganeshpuri, India, but after Muktananda toured America in 1970, others were soon opened in Oakland, California, and South Fallsburg, New York, where Baba Muktananda founded the main SYDA Foundation. In 1982, Baba took mahasamadhi, the scriptural term for the passYoga ing of a saint, and bequeathed his knowledge and power of the entire lineage on to Gurumayi, the first woman to hold this high-ly-regarded seat. Today, Gurumayi travels the world over, hanting with thousands over satellite telecasts or Global Intensives, which are forums to initiate devotees through Shaktipat the descent of grace or the transmission of spiritual power or shakti from the guru to the disciple or through a spiritual awakening by grace.

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