What led you on your spiritual journey?

When I was young I saw many people suffering. I felt in my heart that if 1 could help these very sick people, it would be wonderful. 1 searched for healing secrets. I started doing Tai Chi at age six. I meditated with my Qi gong master. 1 studied how to do spiritual healing as a teenager. That is how 1 started my spiritual journey

What influenced you to create soul healing?

My spiritual father and mentor. Dr. and Master Zhi Chen Guo. the founder of Zhi Neng Medicine (‘Zhi Neng’ means intelligence and capabilities of the mind and soul) and Body Space Medicine®, which teaches how to remove blockages in the spaces between the organs and the cells for healing, taught me Soul Language in 1993.1 started to teach healing using Soul Language in Canada in 1996.1 immediately realised that to apply Soul Language for healing is to apply the power of the soul. Therefore, I started to teach soul healing.

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What is soul healing and how is it relevant to modern living?

Soul healing is to invoke inner souls and outer souls for healing. Inner souls are the souls of your body, systems, organs, and cells. Outer souls are the souls of the sun, moon, stars, galaxies, and universes, as well as healing angels, archangels and all kinds of spiritual fathers and mothers from all traditions. In my teaching, everyone and everything has a soul. A human being has a soul. A bodily organ has a soul. A relationship has a soul. Finances have a soul. An animal has a soul. Soul healing can be applied to anyone and anything because everyone and everything has a soul. Every human being, every animal, everything can benefit from soul healing. Soul healing can be applied in every aspect of daily life.

My teachings have blessec every aspect of my life, including my health, relationships, finances, and intelligence.

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