Legs Up the Wall – Viparita Karani

Legs Up the Wall – Viparita Karani

Main benefit – Drains the legs and nourishes the organs.

1. To get into this position can be a bit awkward. To start, the key is to sit up alongside the wall, as close as you can to the wall with one hip.

2. Then, you roll yourself down onto your back and shoot your legs up the wall. Ideally, your buttocks are quite close to the wall, though for people who have tight hamstrings, they will need to come away from the wall so they can get their legs up, their knees will probably be bent, but that’s ok. If your hamstrings are ok, wiggle yourself closer to the wall so your buttocks touch the wall.

3. Once you have found a comfortable position, let your arms fall away to the side, close your eyes and just relax with a gentle breath. You can stay here from anywhere between 3-15 minutes.

4. To come out, bend your knees, and then roll to your right side. Wait here for a minute or two so your legs can get some blood back into them before moving or standing. Take your time… if the phone rings or something like that, let it go… Do not rush out of this one.


1. If your hamstrings are tight, just wiggle yourself away from the wall until you find a comfortable position where your legs can rest against the wall, your knees will probably be bent, but that’s ok.

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