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Attention: Keep your arms down at your sides instead of List of yoga poses for weight loss in front of you like on the picture. This posture is considered the seated equivalent to List of yoga poses for weight loss the mountain pose. You will sit on your butt with your legs straight out in front of you. Your toes should point toward the ceiling. You will want to keep your back tall and everything in a nice straight line with your hips and your arms down at your sides, palms on the floor, fingertips forward. Not only will you discover improved posture with this pose but your will also find it helps the stretch the shoulders and chest while strengthening your back muscles. So many benefits in a posture that looks just as simple as sitting. Modification: You may find it hard to fit up straight on the floor.

Basically this chapter claims that by using the combination of three meditation elements of dharana, dhyana and samadhi (this combination is called samyama – integrated) the meditator achieves various siddhis. The various types of siddhi that arise are a function of the object or subject towards which the samyama meditation is directed. The yogi can meditate on issues like the sun, power, body parts, intuition, karma, connections, and distinctions. Each subject generates its own super powers. Meditation on the navel chakra for instance gives knowledge of the ordering of the body’. Paths for generating siddhis other than meditation are however also available such as austerity, mantra recitation and drugs

In philosophical treatises one would expect to be presented with a rational explanation as to why supernatural powers occur as an integral part of yoga practices, especially samyama meditation. The YS however does not. It gives only a list of headings and descriptions. There is a significant theoretical omission here, as there is no attempt even to explain an admittedly crucial phenomenon like the accrual of super powers. How on earth, most readers would wonder, does meditation enable you to become invisible? The reader could speculate on why the YS fails to produce an explanation of this. Does it take this accomplishment as given? Does the compiler really not believe in supernatural powers and hence shies away from delivering an explanation? Is the reader supposed to deduce an explanation from the overall Samkhya philosophy?

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