List Yoga Poses

List Yoga Poses

However, as you glance back you can see how far you have come. What was a mystery to you at the beginning of the course is now commonplace. And you can

Therefore use this vision and analogy to take the first step, then the next one and realise that patience and persistence will see you through. We are all capable of getting there just take it step by step.

Not only will this man achieve his goal of getting to the top of the steps you can see from his sweaty shirt that he is prepared to put in the effort time after time and step by step. Are you prepared to sweat your shirt to achieve your goal? Are you willing to push yourself a little bit or not?

His overall goal is probably to be or remain fit and this is what he is prepared to do to get there. Are you?

The man also cuts a bit of a lonely figure. In some ways this is good, we get to know ourselves better. However, you must consider working with other people too. Going back to the analogy of the college course there will be times of private study but at other times you will be able to share classes and the exam time too.

The man is probably doing other exercise too, maybe a gym, maybe he belongs to a jogging club? Who knows? But he will need to get help and support too.

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